What are The Pros and Cons of Outdoor Wedding Venues?

What are The Pros and Cons of Outdoor Wedding Venues

As you ponder a venue for your special day, outdoor locations like Oak Brook offer stunning backdrops. Imagine exchanging vows surrounded by nature’s beauty, under forest canopies offering soft light, or in open fields with gentle sun warmth, providing a calm setting. Beachside venues bring ocean whispers close, but consider tents to shield from unexpected weather elements.

Natural sunlight enhances photos with its unmatched glow, yet be wary of midday rays that might overwhelm guests and photography alike. Would you need further assistance on this topic? 


Outdoor wedding venues offer breathtaking views. Picture yourself saying “I do” surrounded by towering trees; they provide both shade and a stunning natural canopy for your big day, ensuring every photo glows with a unique charm. Imagine an open field setting where the gentle sun bathes everything in golden light—perfect unless it’s too warm or breezy.

The beach is another picturesque option where tents stand ready to shelter guests from gusts, heat, or unexpected showers. The sun provides unparalleled natural lighting that enhances beauty without artificial help. Just steer clear of midday brightness for comfort.

Furthermore, outdoor spaces demand less décor due to their inherent scenic allure; few will miss extra ornaments when engulfed by nature’s artistry. Given the expanse available, hosting large groups becomes simpler outdoors; expansive spots like Oak Brook accommodate gatherings generously without cramping style. Remember: Mother Nature can be unpredictable; plan for rain or shine!

But rest assured, issues like unwelcome bugs can be easily avoided with timing and preparation. When planning at places like Oak Brook’s elegant vistas, ensure memories are as timeless as nature while enjoying ample room under skies grander than any indoor ceiling could present.


Outdoor venues shine, but risks exist. Mother Nature is a fickle friend; she plays no favorites on your big day. Rain may pour, or winds could sweep through, disrupting vows.

If you dream of beach ‘I dos,’ think twice – sand storms might just arise. Despite the charm of natural light, at noon, it’s harsh, squinting guests won’t thank you later! And those open spaces for all?

They demand backup plans for chill or sweltering heat that can quickly turn comfort into memory. Bugs, too, love a good party; buzzing uninvited guests are far from fun in romantic moments under trees’ sheltered arms. Plan with care—without fuss over décor —and remember what’s vital: shared joy in safe warmth.

Outdoor venues offer a natural backdrop, with sunlight and fresh air enhancing your special day. Yet, weather poses a risk; rain or wind may disrupt the event. Space is usually ample, but accessibility should be considered for guests who might find uneven ground challenging.

The Oakbrook Manor’s meticulous planning mitigates these concerns, ensuring an enchanting experience regardless of nature’s whims, a balance between the raw beauty of the outdoors and the comforts expected on such a momentous occasion.

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